“A beautifully balanced memoir that packs a wealth of personal experience ... Sharply observant yet intimate…cleverly conceived and satisfying voyage of escapism…captures the atmosphere of each location with swift and evocative precision.”

—STARRED Kirkus Review! And a BEST INDIE BOOK of 2022
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Places I Remember

Tales, Truths, Delights from 100 Countries
Softcover and Hardcover
Softcover, Hardcover (or at independent bookstores), and Kindle eBook.
AUDIOBOOK—narrated by Lea!—at Audible.com.
STARRED Kirkus Review
& Kirkus BEST 100 INDIE BOOKS 2022!
5 STAR—The Book Commentary
"I love her courage and heart! Funny, poignant, wise, and woke—an ideal travel companion."
— Joan Walsh
    The Nation, MSNBC
“With her charming essays and these delightful illustrations, Places I Remember speaks to both travelers and wannabes—including the growing numbers going solo.”
— Bella DePaulo
    author, Singled Out
"...the perfect gift...it tells little stories—poignant and funny."
— Margie Goldsmith
Goodreads Reviews
"Lea Lane has created the most beautiful book of 100 countries she has visited in more than 40 years of traveling. Her stories are intriguing, funny, poignant. Gift yourself and gift your friends."
"If you’re looking for an escape, if you need inspiration for your own travel bucket list, if you want to “meet” someone truly remarkable in the most humble and welcoming way, read this book."
"Personal and visually beautiful, with illustrations of her photos that enhance the stories. I didn't want to put it down."
"Lea is a gifted writer who makes you feel as though you are living her adventures right along with her."
"An engaging travel memoir so well written that it takes one on a magic carpet to parts unknown. A must read."
Amazon reviews:
"wonderful writer, but even more, a true lover of travel"
"laughed out loud"
"exquisite illustrations"
"this book is delightful!"
"witty and personal voice"
"an ideal holiday gift"
"lovely and evocative vignettes"
"like hearing the stories from your most interesting friend"
"scrumptious tidbits"
"delightfully charming style"
"feels like you're her friend"
"I didn't want to put it down"
"warm and witty"
"you not only travel a world of places, but a world of people"
"experiences, and emotions, all tendered with wit and perception"
"illustrations are perfect"
"each story is a little gem"
Fine Art Illustration & Photography Prints


All Large Prints Small Prints
Jaffa Alleyway 11 x 17
17" x 22" trim
“As I stood at this ancient, textured corner of Israel, the late-afternoon light poured through like honey...”
Man and Dog 11 x 13
14" x 17" trim
“This man and his dog in a rural French town reminded me of a portrait in an Old Master’s painting. When the dog looked at me, I melted...”
Madagascar Lemur 14 x 13
17" x 16" trim
“This lemur hanging in a tree in Madagascar reminded me of how my uncle would recline after Thanksgiving dinner...”
Sail and Sky 11 x 17
17" x 22" trim
“Sails against sky fascinated me on a four-masted ship in the Pacific, plying the Costa Rican coast...”
Light in the Canyon 11 x 17
17″ x 22″ trim
“Antelope Slot Canyon is one of America’s most beautiful natural wonders. Especially at noon, when light pours through like a waterfall.”
Belize Denizen 8 x 10.5
8.5″ x 12″ trim
“Greg Correll interpreted this spiny lobster. I watched a column of them parade in a night snorkel near the Blue Hole in Belize.”
Darwin's Favorites 7 x 10
8.5" x 10"
“I met Lonesome George, the last remaining giant tortoise, in the Galapagos. He has since lumbered across the Rainbow Bridge, but is honored here, along with the finches that Darwin had studied.”

Select a signed and numbered, archive-quality fine art or photo print, curated by author and artist from Places I Remember.
Or custom order from over 70 book images!

All Fine Art Photography and Fine Art Illustration Prints and Cards are on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 310g, using pigmented UltraChrome HDR Epson Ink, and are archive-quality. Prints are numbered, certified, and signed. Cards are signed.

Lea's eye was the original magic behind the book illustrations.
You can also order an archive-quality print from her curated travel photography.


All Photo Art Prints Photo Cards
Myanmar Boat 15 x 15
17" x 17" trim
“I captured this sunset scene from a canal off Inle Lake, in Myanmar. I especially like the contrasts of manmade and natural form, and the sense of mystery.”
Billowing 13.5 x 10
“The protective covering above this rural market near Meknes, Morocco looks like it was painted rather than photgraphed. It found it humbly, practically beautiful.”
Slippers! 8 x 6 CARD
8.5 x 7.5 trim
“Colorful handmade leather slippers create a charming composition. I like to visit markets like this one in Rabat Morocco, and focus on local goods, up close.”
Above Paris 6 x 6 CARD
8.5 x 8.5 trim
“Most overviews of Paris are taken from the Eiffel Tower. This one was shot from the Montparnasse tower, the only skyscraper in central Paris. So you get to see the city’s defining symbol , gloriously, at dusk.”