Lea Lane, award-winning travel writer—author of nine books, blogger at forbes.com, and contributor to dozens of guidebooks—shares travel memories with passionate travelers, travel experts, and savvy locals from around the world.

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Lea Lane, an award-winning writer, is a regular contributor to forbes.com and has blogged at sites including Huffpost, Salon, The Daily Beast, CNN and cntraveler. She’s written for The New York Times and Miami Herald, was a columnist for Gannett News- papers, managing editor of Travel Smart newsletter, written over a thousand travel pieces and columns, and contributed to Fodor’s guidebooks and Unofficial Guides. She has authored eight other books, including Solo Traveler, and Travel Tales I Couldn’t Put in the Guidebooks.

For a dozen years, Lea was a panelist at The New York Times Travel Show, and she appeared regularly on The Travel Channel. She is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers.

And to fill in a bit more beyond travel writing, Lea grew up in Miami Beach, earned two-and-a-half college degrees, has been a high school and college teacher, and president of her own writing and training company. As the author of Steps to Better Writing, she trained hundreds of Fortune 100 and government workers to communicate clearly.

Fun facts: Lea’s also been communications director of a tech company, an actress (“Nurse 1” in a low-budget indie), an off-Broadway associate producer, a (produced) musical play- wright, and a counselor for foster children. She has appeared on Jeopardy!

She lived in New York for many years and once again re- sides in South Florida, now along with her husband and cat. Lea’s two sons and two granddaughters sometimes travel with her as she explores new places to remember.